The Importance of Establishing a Ministry Vision

binocular manThis article features one of our past clients, eGiving.

In Step 1 of our Getting Started process, we request that ministries describe their goals and vision and what they hope to accomplish through online giving. Why do we do that? We believe that the significance of such details highly affects the success — and ability to measure success — that your ministry has with its eGiving online giving program. Helping your ministry succeed in achieving its unique goals is important to our fulfilling our own ministry vision. You see, our goal is not simply to accrue a long list of clients, but to empower Christian ministries to better achieve their Kingdom-minded goals. When our financial technology tools help your ministry achieve its goals, we know that we’re achieving ours.

notebook plan for futureEstablishing a Vision

If you don’t know where you want to go, how can anyone help you get there? We’ve all heard the adage that if you aim at nothing, you’re guaranteed to get it. Establishing a ministry vision and specific goals related to your online giving program are vital to your ministry’s success and morale. To use an illustration related to personal finances, let’s say you decide to open a savings account and start putting any “extra money” into that account at the end of each month. Would you be more likely to forego that extra dinner out if you were saving toward a specific amount for a special trip, new vehicle, or furniture set? If you’re like most people, you’ll be more likely to delay your gratification when you have a clear goal in view. The same is true for your ministry: You and your staff will be more energized and enthusiastic about raising funds for specific Kingdom-focused goals, and that excitement will naturally transfer to your givers, as well.

yes i can meterMeeting Your Goals

When you have a specific ministry vision in place, it will be easier to come up with a specific monetary goal. Perhaps this year’s goal is simply to end in the black at the end of your fiscal year. Next year, you can aim a little higher, all with your vision in view. Whatever the goals, when you specify them, you’ll be able to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with meeting those goals. Your staff, your givers, and your leadership team will all enjoy knowing that their efforts have amounted to something. Everyone likes knowing they’ve contributed to success.

Developing a Plan

As our eGiving team trains and supports your leadership team in implementing our electronic giving and online giving tools, we’ll be able to help you best if we understand your vision and goals. Perhaps your online giving program will be launched in conjunction with an aggressive fundraising campaign. Or maybe it will begin slowly with a handful of electronic giving accounts. When we know what you want to accomplish, we’ll be better equipped to help you strategize for success.

At eGiving, we consider ourselves a ministry to ministries just like yours. To find out more about our current offerings, download our free brochure today.

About eGiving

Since 2000, eGiving has served to assist in funding Christian ministries with effective strategies & tools of electronic giving (recurring & online giving). eGiving serves both churches as well as para-church ministries (including schools, pregnancy centers, missions, and works of mercy).

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