Pricing for Copywriting

Because projects can vary greatly in their complexity, we’ve found that it’s best to provide project-specific quotes. The amount of research and time that it takes to write a technical magazine article, for example, greatly contrasts with the time that it takes to write a post for a company blog.

To obtain a quote for our copywriting or editing services, please carefully complete the form below. Once we’ve received it, we’ll go through the information that you’ve provided and get back to you with any questions we may have. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible, and you can usually expect a response within 24 hours.

For à la carte editing or copywriting services, we typically price by the project. If you require ongoing editing or copywriting services, based on your specific needs, we may be able to arrange a retainer based relationship or provide our services at an hourly rate.

Because we despise spam as much as you, we promise not to sell or share your email address with any other company, except with your permission.