Wow Your Customers with Custom-Shaped Flash Drives!

The new custom-shaped flash drives available from CFGear showcase the marriage of creativity with technology. Really and truly, your imagination is the limit! If you can describe it, draw it out, or show our team the shape and color(s) that you want, we can create a custom-designed flash drive to suit your specifications — as simple or outlandish as they may be!

If you’re not convinced that this new product offers the ultimate in flexibility, just take a look at our official list of not-so-specific specifications. I mean, “Material: Almost anything” and “Sizes: Almost anything you want” really says it all! Of course, the great flexibility involved in the “guts” of the drive are awesome, too, ranging from 256 MB to 16 GB.

In case you still need convincing, check out this awesome shaped project we did in February 2012 for Subsurface Utility Exploration, or “SUE.” We started with SUE’s unique subsurface utility vacuum trucks. Two other companies had declined to attempt such a detail-driven drive, but at CFgear, we have that Sioux Falls, South Dakota toughness that gets us through snow-covered winters and all kinds of other obstacles.

We started with a few photographs of one of the company’s signature trucks and developed a 3D image based on it. From there, we worked our plan and ended up with results that impressed not only the president of SUE, but also the company that manufactures the trucks. (In fact, we’re in discussions with them about making flash drives to match all the equipment models that they make!)

As if we weren’t already straining at the elbows from patting ourselves on the proverbial backs (I guess that would lead to a rare form of proverbial straining?), we received a letter from the President of SUE, Brent Anderson. He used words like “magnificent” and “first class” and “fabulous.” In his litany of accolades, he also mentioned that they’d already taken the flash drives to a trade show, where they received “rave reviews.” We couldn’t pay for that kind of publicity!

Seriously, we’d love to help you find an innovative way to showcase your school, business, or other organization in a way that helps you stand out from the crowd. Just like our other flash drive options, our custom-shaped drives are a cost-effective, green, and smart way to advertise or provide files of all types to your employees, students, or target clientele.

We ship out 50,000 to 100,000 flash drives each week, but no order escapes our care and commitment to quality. Like Mr. Anderson, we’d love to discuss your challenging order and have a chance at topping your highest expectations, too. You can start the conversation by filling out our online form so you can receive our “BACKINAFLASH” quote, as soon as possible.

Note: This article was written for CFgear, a custom flash drive manufacturer based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.