Our Goals as Copywriters

Whether you’re a small business, a corporation, a government agency, or just an individual, Sozo can provide you with the copy you need to improve and diversify your online or print resource. We provide persuasive and completely individualized content for websites, blogs, and offline resources. We also specialize in proofreading and editing services, as well as exceptional SEO work. We understand writing, and we know what it takes to craft truly powerful copy.

We believe that writing great copy means more than just having a firm grasp of the rules of grammar (though that’s also a necessity). More than that, great copy requires that the writer focus on the client’s needs in terms of style, goals, voice, and audience. It demands an almost obsessive attention to detail and demonstrates a fine balance between creativity and purpose. Finally, it requires that the writer be completely dedicated to formulating a quality piece that meets the client’s needs and exceeds their expectations. For us, “good enough” is never enough.

We’re Different

We’re quiet. We’re small. But we give each project our complete focus. You won’t find any soliciting emails from us in your inbox begging for copywriting work. You won’t receive from us any telemarketing junk phone calls or other forms of annoying spam.

We’re real people, and you’re welcome to swing by our offices in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania at any time. We savor developing a long term relationship with each client; after all, a satisfied client is our best advertisement. New clients come to us through word of mouth or through finding us online.

We’ve been privileged to work for companies large and small, from some of the biggest corporations on the planet all the way to nonprofits located in Washington, D.C. We’ve assisted government agencies with editing training manuals as well as provided guidance to international companies striving to represent themselves in the U.S. with accurate English. We also serve small mom & pop shops as well as help upcoming startups create the words they need for hypergrowth.

We invite you to give us a try. We’re proud of our work, and we hope it shows. We commit to doing our very best for you.