NuCedar: An Alternative to the Traditional Cedar Siding

NuCedar Shingles

NuCedar Shingles

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While a genuine, cedar siding home will look great, it will certainly require a great deal of regular maintenance on the homeowner’s part. Because the surface will constantly be exposed to weather, it can become discolored, moldy, or even erode. While you can clean or refinish your cedar siding every few years, chances are if you do not have the time or means to provide continual maintenance on a cedar home, you may need to find an alternative siding.

Because cedar is such a beautiful option, finding an alternative is not always an easy task. Some alternatives commercially available may not be produced in a sustainable, green method. Furthermore, these alternatives may fall short in aesthetics and durability, which could result in similar maintenance worries.

Milling NuCedar

Milling NuCedar

However, J. Gibson McIlvain now carries a composite product, NuCedar, that is 100% recyclable, virtually maintenance free, and looks exactly like its cedar competition. NuCedar Mills, Inc. has become the first company to provide factory finished, premium grade siding, trim, and millwork to customers desiring a cedar alternative. Because NuCedar is literally maintenance free, it will increase in value over the years, freeing customers from expensive, ongoing maintenance.

Because a traditional cedar siding home can be appreciated for the uniqueness and quality of the wood milling, NuCedar similarly mills its product using sharp blades. It is not smashed, molded, or formed on a machine. Crafting from Ex-Cel® cellular PVC, NuCedar provides complementary products such as clapboard, shingles, vertical siding, trim, and moulding. Another marketable feature is that these products come pre-finished from the factory with a solar reflective coating. There is also a standard 25 year warranty that is transferable.

NuCedar Blue Siding

NuCedar Blue Siding

Because a builder can waste a lot of time waiting for coats of stain and sealing to dry before moving on to another project, NuCedar’s pre-finishing will save a lot of on-site time. This in turn can save your clients money and time, getting them into their dream home faster and cheaper.

If you live in an area that is known for heavy rain and damaging weather, chances are you’ve shied away from cedar siding, knowing that the increased moisture will likely cause damage. However, NuCedar holds strong against the elements, making it especially marketable to those building a lake or beach home or a home in a wetter climate.

When placed side by side with cedar siding, many customers will not be able to immediately recognize any difference. Whether you are building your dream home or are a contractor building a business, consider using a 100% recyclable, maintenance free option that also qualifies for both LEED and National Green Building Certification. With options available in two textures and 18 colors, NuCedar may just be the alternative which customers of J. Gibson McIlvain Company may need for a certain project. Constantly staying contemporary in the industry, J. Gibson McIlvain Company heard their customers’ requests for cedar alternatives and now carries NuCedar in their lumber yard. Call (800) 638-9100 today for more information.

j gibson mcilvain lumber companyJ. Gibson McIlvain Company

Since 1798, when Hugh McIlvain established a lumber business near Philadelphia, the McIlvain family has been immersed in the premium import and domestic lumber industry. With its headquarters located just outside of Baltimore, the J. Gibson McIlvain Company ( is one of the largest U.S. importers of exotic woods.

As an active supporter of sustainable lumber practices, the J. Gibson McIlvain Company has provided fine lumber for notable projects throughout the world, including the White House, Capitol building, Supreme Court, and the Smithsonian museums. Contact a representative at J. Gibson McIlvain today by calling (800) 638-9100.

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