How to Find Blog Post Topics When You’re Out of Ideas

Even the most prolific blog writers sometimes get stumped when it comes to blog post topics. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, the ideas just won’t come.

But you need to write often in order to keep both readers and search engines interested in your page, so what can you do to break through this block? Below you will find some of the top tips for finding the inspiration you need for a new blog post:

Find inspiration in other blogs.

Whether it’s a competitor’s blog or a friend’s, chances are, you can glean some inspiration from reading another person’s entries. You can choose to write on the same topic (using your own copy and personal spin, of course), or you could let their blog entries inspire you to write on a completely different topic. Either way, their blog has helped you to get an idea for your own writing.

Alternatively, you can compile a list of your top five or ten favorite blog posts from other blogs (or older articles from your own blog). Be sure to link out to the articles, and if you want, add a bit of commentary about the content.

Interview someone relevant.

Interviews are a great way to get content for blog posts, and in some cases, the content of the interview can serve as inspiration for numerous future post topics. You can transcribe the interview verbatim into a post, or you can just use the interview as inspiration for an entry.

Examples of individuals to interview include experts in your field, employees, customers, etc.

Recycle an old post.

Effectively recycling a previous post does not mean simply rehashing old information. Instead, rewrite the post using the knowledge you’ve gained since the time you published the first entry. You can comment on what’s changed in your industry, and this is also a great opportunity to make predictions for the future.

If you think readers will recognize that the content is similar to an old post, you also have the option of linking back to the original post so your readers have the opportunity to see what’s been added or changed.


If you’re struggling to find inspiration for a blog entry, why not provide your readers with some informed speculation as to what your industry will look like a few years down the road? No one will judge you if you end up being wrong (Who can predict the future, after all?), and it will provide you with a great opportunity to garner some reader feedback.

What’s more, this would make a great recycled post (See above) when you need subject matter down the road. Whether it’s an “I told you so!” entry or an article explaining why your predictions turned out to be wrong, posting speculation gives you something to revisit at a later date.

Tell a personal story.

Not all of your company or organization’s blog posts have to be strictly informative. In fact, posting a personal story or anecdote can be a great way to fill a post when you’re out of ideas. Whether the story is about your favorite customer or the struggles you faced with past clients, there are many personal stories that will resonate well with your readers. Find an interesting one, and tell your readers candidly what you learned from the experience.

Don’t let a lack of inspiration cause your blog content to go stale. Instead, try the above tips for getting inspired. Your readers will thank you, and your blog will be stronger as a result of the fresh new content.


  1. Nice tips.Very informative.I’ve often found myself stuck when it comes to finding blog posts.These tips you provided are a sigh of relief.Thanks for the post. :)

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