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Rehmeyer Pioneer Collection Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Rehmeyer Pioneer Collection Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

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When designing a commercial space, the contractor has to consider not only the overall theme of the business, but also the heaviness of foot traffic and how this will contribute to the wear and tear of the floor over the years. Obviously, most contractors would be very cautious in installing carpet in a heavily traveled area; instead, a quality hardwood floor using a durable species of wood is often chosen.

A Red Oak floor, readily available in the Eastern U.S., is often a favorite for designers and builders, because it combines durability, availability, and affordability to offer customers a lasting option with a reasonable price tag. A benchmark in the flooring industry, Red Oak is relatively stable and known for its hardness on the Janka Wood Scale; Red Oak’s hardness allows for great wear-resistance. While this wood species is readily available for commercial businesses, a designer should be careful to choose a manufacturer that will go beyond the “standard” description and raise the bar. Red Oak offers sound knots and amazing grain that can be hand sculpted and designed to add an attractive touch to your commercial space, from a medical office to a retail store.

Rehmeyer Pioneer Collection Cherry Floor with Soft Edge

Rehmeyer Pioneer Collection Cherry Floor with Soft Edge

Often a customer favorite, a Cherry hardwood floor can offer a relatively formal appearance with a simplistic rustic charm; extra beauty can be added by using random width planks. With a standard stability, a Cherry hardwood floor will have dramatic characteristics of dark reds and browns, joined to create visual appeal and aesthetics that would work well in areas such as a business office.

Known as a relatively hard wood, Red Birch is a great choice for high traffic areas. While it is similar to Cherry, Red Birch is a harder wood that can be milled to showcase its silky grain and sound knots. With color variations from light to dark, Red Birch can be a great alternative to an Oak floor and relatively comparable in pricing. Known for its beauty, a Red Birch floor would be right at home in an art gallery, a showcase retail room, or the great room of a hotel.

Hickory, known for its hardness, stiffness, and strength, is a great option for a heavily traveled commercial area, such as a foyer or waiting area. While very stylish with a remarkable contrast between the velvety brown heartwood and the creamy white sapwood, this floor is also versatile and durable, combining many of the elements that commercial contractors require for a heavily traveled space.

Rehmeyer Pioneer Collection Wormy Maple Hardwood Flooring

Rehmeyer Pioneer Collection Wormy Maple Hardwood Flooring

Known for its dense characteristics, heaviness, and strength, a Maple hardwood floor has a creamy white sapwood and a reddish brown heartwood. Furthermore, a Wormy Maple hardwood floor highlights the wood’s natural reactions to the ambrosia beetle, which contributes the desired wormhole characteristics. A highly unique, hardwood floor option, the Wormy Maple slightly resembles the stripes of a tiger and will add flair to a variety of commercial spaces, such as a boutique.

While there are other wood species that can be found in commercial spaces, these types have become customer favorites in the Rehmeyer Wood Floors Pioneer Collection. Also available in this collection are the wood species Walnut and a variety of Pines, including reclaimed Heart Pine. Specially graded to retain a general balance of the unique characteristics found in the sap and heart woods, Rehmeyer’s Pioneer Collection will have a variety of options available to a commercial contractor searching for color, grain, hardness, and style.

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